Marble jar reward system for kids…easy and effective?

Fun way to reward desired behaviors!


I ❤️ positive-focused behavioral change strategies! Last night at my son’s Kindergarten back-to-school night, he excitedly showed me their classroom’s marble reward jar. When the students demonstrate on-task behavior, the teacher adds marbles to the jar. When it is full, the class earns a group reward. You can target certain behaviors. In my house this could be hanging up coats and putting shoes away.

I thought why not try this at home! Plus, I could be a little crafty and take a trip to Hobby Lobby. If you haven’t been to Hobby Lobby, I highly recommend it! As my friend so eloquently said, “it is a wonderland of crafts!” I love the reusable vinyl chalkboard labels that can dress anything up!

And don’t forget about daddy! I’ll give him 50 marbles each time he puts his dirty clothes inside the hamper instead of beside it! 🙌 I wonder what he will pick as his reward? 😉

Below is a link to another blog about this. What behavioral change strategies have been successful for you?

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